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Stoma fistulas??

I am somewhat of a new ostomate--July 2013. I had a lot of problems with fistulas stemming from near the rectum before surgery which is one of the reasons we opted for entire removal of rectum. Anyway, I seem to have any area of my stoma that could possibly be an extra small opening or fistula. It's hard to tell if its an opening or an area of intense wrinkling (maybe from healing oddly?). Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with a stoma fistula? It doesn't seem to be causing me any problems if it is one--no pain, no other problems, just curious.
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I don't have experience with it, but if it starts leaking, I'd go and get it checked out. You don't want to take chances with fluid leaking under your flange.

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Always best to get it checked out because like Nyx said you don't want anything on your skin. Even if it is a fistula they may do nothing if it doesn't connect to anything of importance or leak out.
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I have had many entero-cutaneous fistula around my stoma to the point I had to get it relocated to the other side. Mine were always very painful before they would open up and reveal a small head of mucosa lining exposed and sometime draining.

It could be a skin problem on it's own, like PG. Is it raw, does it look like and ulcer?
Anyway, try to have it checked by a stoma nurse or GI if possible.
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Sorry...I just saw your reply. It does not hurt and its not on the skin, just on the stoma. I was wondering if anyone had one just so I could be sure what to look for if it was a fistula. Thanks for all of all the responses; I appreciate it.
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Slevan, could it be where your lower colon is connected? I have a very small opening (more like a slit) above my stoma but quite snug against it that is where my lower colon is attached. My stoma is an abcarian one where the intestine is severed but the lower colon is brought to the surface next to the stoma. Once I even had output come out of it but I think it had been pushed down there because my bag was overful in the night.
Its worth checking with your GI though. I dob't know what a fistula on the stoma would look like - I think someone on here had fistulas with their stomas but they were on the skin next to them. Perhaps yours is just a crease? It is puzzling though.

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