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New to Humira, in need of advise!!

My doctor just told me that I need to go on Humira. For me, this is difficult to accept, as I am a pediatric nurse who is always around infections, I travel often out of the country, and I am very afraid of serious infections. Could someone please give me some input regarding their experiences with work, travel, going to the gym, taking the train, and doing every day living?
Thank you for your help!
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Not much you can do besides the usual; wash hands a lot, take vitamin c, rest, drink lots of water, get flu shots...And if you do get an infection, get it taken care of ASAP so it doesn't interfere with your injection schedule.
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I have been on humira for 3 years. 12 months ago I couldn't leave home without planing a route with toilets. Last May I started taking 500mg of magnesium per day. I can now live life to the full and go for long walks worry free. Also I was the only one to go through our Southern Hemisphere winter sickness free.
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Hey Ladybug. Essieluv summed it up pretty good. My personal experience with infections has been fairly well. I have been on Humira for about 6 months now. I work in a maintenance shop. We specialize in air filters. Changing them to be exact. So I handel dirty air filters most of the day, am in cold and hot condiction depending on the weather, and am around not the cleanest bunch of people there is. I have had one sinus infection during my six months of humira. Which in my opinon isn't too bad seeing how I usually get two a year.

I am also around my 16 month old nephew who lately has been nothing but being sick. Stomach viruses, sinus infections, and what not. You name it, he's had it lately. I wash my hands religiously, had to break a habit of biting my finger nails, and stop propping on tables with my hand on my cheeks and chin. Sorry I can't fill you in on traveling as we don't do too much of that. I hope that my experiences ease your uncertianties. Good luck.
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After 3 years on I really see no difference in severity or frequency of catching colds etc. I work in a crowded office with 12 other guys who for the most part are slobs.

I am diligent in washing my hands and trying to avoid contact with surfaces that may contain germs. Following the proper protocols seem to be sufficient.

Best of Luck
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