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6mp and vaccinations?

I have been on 50mg of 6mp a day but recently had and am still having a really bad flare. My Docs say I may need to increase the dose to 100mg but I am waiting for blood results and confirmation from them.

I am also starting a new job as janitor at a hospital, and am due to be vaccinated against a lot of major diseases.. I think its about 6 different diseases.

I am worried that even the dose of 6mp I'm on now might cause me to get quite sick from the vaccinations as I think I will be getting them all at once while still being required to turn up and work and while also in the middle of this bad flare which on its own is enough to keep me in bed (when not rushing to the toilet)

6mp lowers the immune system and thats what worries me. Of course I will let the doctors know who are administering the vaccines but I am currently trying to play down the severity of my flare because I really need to land this job. They know I have crohns but I told them I have been symptom free for the last year.

has anyone had experience with vaccinations while on 6mp and if so how did it go?
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Check it out with your GI - I've recently had a few vaccinations in preparation for overseas travel. One point I did note when researching it was that people on immunosuppressants should not have vaccines containing live infective agents.
My GI said to go ahead, but I'm only on sulfasalazine, not immunosuppressed.
I did notice a some increased low grade symptoms from my usual range of EIMs,(I guess the immune system identified something it should get to work and fight!!) but the bowel hasn't really been symptomatic.
Good luck with the new job! If you're going into a hospital environment, it's worth paying close attention to any infection control measures they will most likely teach you.. Be particularly careful to use any protective clothing (gloves, disposable gowns, etc) and goggles/big glasses/visors for eye protection against splashes

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Find out what you are being vaccinated for. It is not recommended for people on immunosuppressants to receive vaccinations with live virus; it is generally okay to get vaccines with inactivated viruses. Please contact your doctor about this.
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We were told only to avoid live vaccines by our GI.
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see link-
just no live vaccines
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According to NIH "do not have any vaccinations without consulting your doctor" http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/d...82653.html#how

I believe only live vaccinations would be dangerous and that any deactivated vaccine should be fine unless there is another contraindication.

WebMD doesn't provide too much info on possible interactions, I think you shouldn't hesitate to discuss it with your doctor before getting vaccinated.

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Need a little help here, last Friday the GI said go ahead and get the Singles Vaccination, but we were told previously not to. Now he is also supposed to start AZA after having his 3 infusion of Remicade this Friday. GI said get the shingles shot and wait a month before starting AZA - he is now away for the next six week and next apt is not until April. HELP!!

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