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Which would be the best diet for elemental diet for my situation?

Monosachirides(single sugars) are most compatible with leaky gut since they pass straight through the gut wall however I have read many things about fructose including that it is a fermentable carb and will cause fermentation in the colon. Also taking fructose in large amounts for energy is apparently a bad thing. I'm also currently showing rapid tooth decay as I'm using chocolate as my carb( too sensitive to most/all other carbs) so need to change to an appropriate diet.

Anyway for someone with adrenal fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, advanced leaky gut(intolerant to everything and hence elemental approach), h pylori/gastritis(to be treated with antibiotics) and rapid tooth decay please list in order what do you think is the best carbohydrate to take from the following for my elemental diet, if able please explain why:

Grape Syrup
Rice Syrup solids
Dried Glucose syrup
Glucose Flavoured liquid

btw, would all of these cause my dental cavities to worse or would some be worse than others?

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My opinion on diets is that avoiding all toxic foods is the first step as they will be behind the leaky gut and bacterial imbalance (at least in part if not in full), The chemical sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies (which may be what leads to the tooth decay) would be a result not a cause.

Gathering information and trying things out in a controlled manner is all you can do.....
This article is a good well thought out take on what's happening what might be happening and it could be that you will get some improvement following his advice.
Bowel Disorders, Part I: About Gut Disease
"If we prioritize these in terms of damage caused, then ulcerative colitis is an infectious and autoimmune disease, since these two factors do the most severe damage. It is generally unclear which is doing the most damage. Food toxins and malnutrition continue to be secondary sources of damage.

On the other hand, if we prioritize chronologically in terms of the original causes, the disease is originally caused by food toxins and malnutrition and sometimes antibiotics, which cause intestinal damage and infections, followed by autoimmunity. "

I'm not too sure how much difference different sugars will make but you are right that there is some evidence that too much fructose is bad.
There is also debate about Maltodextrin (manufactured molecule so it may not be as easily digested and may contain gluten as it can be derived from wheat)
Dextrose (i'm pretty sure) is glucose, edit, most is derived (read 'heavy industry') from corn so GMO? and while it is essentially glucose it may be tainted.
I'd tend towards a natural sugar (as in real honey or real fruit juice), but no more than you need and you want to work toward some starches from tubers (sweet potato, casava, plantain, carrot, pumpkin - but not grains and especially not gluten grains, although white rice has a low toxicity), and if health improves, towards getting more energy from fats (real fats - coconut, animal, olive oil), but that sounds like it's a wee way off the fats as they are harder to digest.
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