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Dad vent

My dad discussing me returning to work with my mam (I was upstairs and he though I couldn't hear the conversation) - "She should be back at work, there's nothing wrong with her and she doesn't want them to think she's just skiving and end up loosing her job"

Guess he missed the months of how sick I was before being admitted to hospital for 8 days, the Crohn's diagnosis and the supply of Prednisolone that is the only thing keeping my flare under control for now (even though had to go on a back on a higher dosage last week). And the awful side effects I've been dealing with Pred from them including insomnia which means I have to take sleeping pills every night.
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It sure isn't easy when people act like what you're going through is an easy matter. Especially when it's someone you love. Sometimes what we deal with is something we all wish we could just turn off and be "normal". Sending hugs your way.
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Hi Kelly,

I know exactly how you feel, especially as people look at me and say I "don't look ill" well, I wish you could feel what I feel!

I was quite sick for approx 18 months leading up to diagnosis (flaring all that time), but just kept going about my business until it got out of hand (due to bloods coming back normal, I was told it was just IBS). Fortunately I did not end up in hospital but I was very close to it just after diagnosis due to blood loss.

I am struggling with going back to study and feel like I am skiving off too, I don't have much advice for you, except I hope you feel better soon.

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