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Not so much depressed

I know that with Crohn's, meds, treatments, symptoms, and all the what nots can cause depression. I've been batteling UC and Crohn's for 4 years now and I'm a pretty laid back individual. I always have been. I use to be they guy that nothing really bothered. But I've noticed lately that there is a pimped up rage inside of me. I just get angry. The littlest thing just sets me off. I do have a good bit on me, besides the Crohn's. My wife just started school back full time on top of working full time. I work full time, but I'm the one that keeps the house "running" so to speak. Bills, laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. I am not the one to ask her for a helping hand, or anyone for that matter, because she is swamped. On top of all this, our finances are killing me. We have the typical medical bills, he school loans, and now it's Christmas. Yay! No presents for my wife who LOVES Christmas. It's her favorite holiday and I feel like I'm not able to make it special. I'm sorry for the long rant. What set me off to vent like this was my dad walked down the hall at work (we work for the same company, but not "together" / different shops) and says "Dude man. You need to finish that dog house." Really?! It's the first day in a week and a half where it hasn't been raining. Ugh. Anywho, I say all that to ask if there is anyone out there that isn't so much depressed as much as you are angry, on edge, not as relaxed or easy going as you use to be? Thanks for taking your time to read my venting. Good health to all!
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Being depressed can cause mood changes and anger out bursts. I found when I was depressed that I could go from joy to screaming rages in about 1 second. Are you on steroids? They can cause massive mood swings. Mine were so bad that I had to go to my boss and get her to vet all my letters in case I was over reacting.

There are some meds that can help. I'm on Amitriptylene which controls some of the moods and helps me sleep. When I don't sleep I get much worse.

Sounds like you need some support as you have a lot going on right now. Christmas can also be a bad time for a depressed person.

Wish I had an easy answer for you - take care.

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