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Work Christmas party

My work Christmas party is on Saturday. I work for a very small company, less than 10 of us. They decided to go to a restaurant I have never been to to eat a food that I have never had. Considering I am mid flare and finally getting things under control, I didn't want to risk it and get sick. So I graciously bowed out and explained that it wasn't a big deal to me.
Just got a call from my boss. She is sending an email out to everyone saying we have to change the restaurant because I can't eat at the one they chose. Who feels like an asshole???
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Did she say it was because of you? If so, that was inappropriate, but I'm sure she meant well by it and just wants you to be able to attend.

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I am not sure what she told them, but they all know that I haven't been feeling well lately so they can all assume its because of me. Oh well. At least I have more control over my meal where we are going. (its a mongolian grill kind of thing)
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dont you worry. Please dont feel like a heel. We have a woman here at work with a sinus/migraine issue that is brought on by tons of different smells such as perfumes or lingering cigerette stink. She always feels awful when people are moved for her or spoken to about their perfume but we all feel bad for her and feel good knowing we can help her.

I'm sure your co-workers are the same. I'm sure they would rather have it at a restaurant that you can enjoy with them. It will make most of them feel good knowing they were able to accomodate you.

Happy Holidays!
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While maybe not the most tactful approach, you at least have a workplace that thinks highly enough of you to change their plans to try to accommodate you at Christmas. Lots of places won't do that. I think you are fortunate (if slightly embarrassed) to have colleagues who care. Do your best to have some fun - a little relaxation might be just the thing to help relax the flare.
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It sounds like you have an accomodating boss, who was trying to help, but perhaps didn't find the most diplomatic way to express the reason for the change. In a small workplace like that, it's often difficult to keep secrets, so perhaps he just wanted everyone to know that the change was to help you out, and assumed that everyone else would be understanding as well. At least you can still go and have fun with the group, and it sounds like they wanted to make sure you could be there and not left out.

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You have some caring colleagues and a boss who takes care of staff, quite something in these days .It would have been so easy to accept your apologies and leave it at that.
Christmas is the season of giving and nobody wanted you to be left out.
How highly they must think of you in the workplace.
Now they are giving back to you.
I can resonate with your feelings though and think I might be a bit embarrassed too.
But how nice that in this day and age there are caring people.
Go and have a good time---you are needed for your good company.
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I have not told my work place about my Crohns. I tell them that I must be glutin free and can't eat much of anything that coworkers bring in for food.

Our Christmas party is Wednesday. I won't be eating anything as I am in a flare right now. I know people will comment why I'm not eating. It's just the worse to keep saying I'm not feeling good or I have to be glutin free. But I really don't want anyone to know about my condition.

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