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Anal fissures?? unsure

I'm very lucky to have a mild case of crohns. with the worst symptoms being an off day of diarrhea, slight cramping or a few days of constipation, despite my ridiculously unhealthy lifestyle.

However one issue that has plagued me for a while now is what I have been told to be anal fissures? When I go to clean myself there is usually fresh red blood on the tissue and this can leave a burning sensation that is painful to touch or sit with for hours. it sort of feels like when you graze the first layer of skin, and it feels very sensitive and painful to touch.

this happens all the time so I was wondering if anybody else experiences it? it really hurts and feels like my butt hole (for a lack of better words) is on fire!
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You are not alone in this one. I get anal fissures quite often...I hate those suckers. The only thing that really helps mine heal is having soft but not too loose stool. So I take stool softeners and Konsyl to try to keep it right. And soaking in a sitz bath is helpful, too.
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There are numbing creams that can help with the pain, maybe not as much when having a bm but they help me in between them. The best I've found for relief and also faster healing is a compound ointment called nifedipine .3%. That's it's name stateside, I don't know if it has a different name in the U.K. In U.S. it is gotten by prescription.
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I second the numbing cream, that can be really helpful. I use lidocaine gel 3% it might have prilocaine in it too, I can't remember now.

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