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Hey guys,

sooooo, about 2 months ago i was in the hospital with abscesses. Only there for like 2 days on IV antibiotics. Continued the antibiotics for about a month or so and the abscesses went away. Had an MRI again yesterday after some discomfort, and it turns out the abscesses are back. Heading in for resection early next week. Just have a few questions.

First off, the surgery is planned to be arthoscopic. Really not a relatively large piece, about 6cm apparently.

1. How much pain am i expected to be in?

2. What pain medication have you guys received?

3. How long until you felt relatively normal?

4. How much weight did you lose/how long did it take you to regain.

Thanks guys
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Hey there. That's the first time I've heard of arthoscopic. I'll need to Google it. Have a surf through this subforum and you'll find the My Surgery Story thread which will give you a good idea of what to expect. It's hard to give you black and white answers as people have different reactions, pain thresholds etc.
Hoping all goes well with the surgery. What a rotten time to be going into hospital, but if it gets you better, it could end up being a really good Christmas present :-)
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I think that should read laparoscopic. Arthroscopic is a procedure relating to joints.
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I had two operations, one laproscopic, the other done the old fashioned way (cut from belly button to groin). I expected the lapro to be the easier of the two to recover from, but in my particular case (and it probably is because I do everything bass ackwards) the old fashioned surgery healed easier.. less painful. The problem (for me) with the lapro was that they inflated the abdomen so they can work inside the 'dome' (so to speak). that caused a great deal of bruising. however, it may be that the old fashioned way was just no big deal. I was literally walking around 5 hours post op (with the help of 2 nurses)

Surgery is scary. Guess that is a good thing... makes us think before we agree to it, see if there are other, less invasive options. But if surgery is unavoidable, I've never had any big issues.

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I think that should read laparoscopic. Arthroscopic is a procedure relating to joints.
hahahahaha, yess. thank you. ive had arthoscopic done on both my knees, so i guess why thats flowing out a little easier than laparoscopic.

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