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Pentasa - anyone been kicked off it by insurance?

I've been on Pentasa for 10 years. It works pretty well for me. I have some minor pains on it day to day but to me it's worth it because I've never had any side effects from it. Well, I just got a letter my from insurance that they won't cover it and are pointing me to these other drugs.
Balsalazide - generic Colazal
Sulfasalazine - generic Axulfidine
Apriso Lialda
I looked up these drugs online and they all say they're used for UC!
1. Anyone been kicked off Pentasa and try any of these drugs? They work ok?
2. Anyone been successful fighting insurance and staying on Pentasa?
My employer works with an insurance brokerage and we have an advisor there who I'll speak with Monday and see if I have a chance fighting this. And will talk to my doctor.
Appreciate any feedback.
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Pentasa is for UC too, unless it is used in combination with another drug. 5 ASA drugs only control superficial inflammation that you find in UC. Crohn's inflammation goes all the way through the bowel wall. So talk to your Dr., but I don't think you would be any worse off with the other drugs.

Just be careful, 5 ASA drugs can mask symptoms while deep simmering inflammation is still there. It can take many years to cause damage, but damage is occurring. My son's GI said it was like taking aspirin for a brain tumor. As long as your GI regularly monitors with a Fecal cal test every 6 months, your CD might be mild enough for you to be okay. But I would not trust Pentasa to control the disease long term unless I was being tested regularly. Just my 2 cents.

Hope you find an alternative you are happy with.
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