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OMG! I'm getting a flare again already?!!

I'm officially pissed at life right now!

I WAS JUST in a serious flare for about three months!!! I ended up ALMOST losing my job, in debt, did horribly in school and pretty much lost months of my life!

I started getting better in late Oct-Nov. I've been getting remicade which has always helped me.

Now for the past week, I've noticed that the familiar urge to run to the bathroom has come back -- as soon as I wake up.
My stools are very watery. And after I go the first time, I have to go again...and then again. Which is making me late, or almost late for appointments.
Then today I saw blood when I wiped. A small amount in the toilet.

I really don't understand. I finally start getting out a flare, better with remicade. My life is now starting to resume again. This past friday, I just started work again!! I signed up for my Spring 2014 courses. I'm supposed to be starting on the track to become an RN!

I don't have the TIME, PATIENCE, ENERGY, nor the STRENGTH to get sick again, ALREADY!!!

I'm pissed, sad, depressed, slightly suicidal, angry, hopeless...yeah I'm a lot of things right now.

I'm just sick and tired of this disgusting, vile, irritating condition called CROHN'S getting in the way of my LIFE...of my PLANS and DREAMS.

I'm sick of it all!!
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CCA: Vent away.... this disease is too much sometimes.

Have you already added in the Imuran to boost the Remicade?
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