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Surgery done and I'm back home :)

Hello all! Well it's done and I'm back home! I can honestly say I am exhausted and wow I did not anticipate the impact surgery would have on your body! I mentally prepared for the surgery but not the aftermath of it!

I had a short 7cm stricture in the TI that they wanted to remove via keyhole surgery. I went into hospital at 7.30am, saw lots of people and was marked for a stoma in case I needed one, all this was finished and I was gowned and ready at 10.30am, but then did not have my op until 4pm! My mind was reeling, but there was complications with the person they were operating on so I'm just glad he is now ok

I had a 24hour epidural and the anaesthetic and they did they surgery through keyhole but then had to make a 3-4 inch cut on my right side to remove the stricture and in the words of the surgeon 'removed around 8inches of the TI because it looked very crohnsy' lol! I did not need a stoma.

The night after the op was horrific. The epidural had worn off, they'd prescribed me OxyContin that my body didn't respond well too so I was vomiting, which hurt so much, I didn't sleep and was in agony! Worst night of my life ever!

It is getting easier though and I am never ever having them horrid tablets again! I passed wind on the second day after the op and opened bowels third day after the op (and now can't stop! Lol).

But on a positive note it's done! Yipppeeee! My follow up appt is in 6 weeks (are they normally that far away??!!!). Also thanks for everyone's support leading up to the op!

Yvette x
Hospitalised & Diagnosed Nov 10 - Crohns Disease.
Started on Predisone after discharge from hospital for a few months.
Been on Mesalazine 4g a day since. Tried Azathioprine & 6MP, didn't work. Been on Budesonide in between due to flares.

MRI showed stricture on 24/09/13. TI resection done on 11/12/13
More tests colonoscopy on 28/3/14
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I'm so glad it went ok. The waiting at the hospital is horrible, as are those first sick, painful nights. The nights are always worse than the days. You'll soon find yourself feeling better though, as long as it all goes to plan.

My follow-ups are usually around 8 weeks after the surgery. My surgeon said it's because if he sees people while they're still in the painful stage, they get angry with him. So he waits until people forget how bad they felt at the beginning of recovery and are appreciating the results. Of course it's probable that the real reason is just because the NHS can't find any free appointment slots earlier than that.

Take it easy and I hope your recovery goes smoothly. Remember not to lift anything! Recovery is a great time to get those around you doing everything for you, so make the most of the time when you can get friends and family jumping up to get you anything you need and spoiling you.
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Take it easy and behave yourself. Follow docs orders. Even though it may not seem like it was a major surgery, it was. Yes it does take the body 6-8 weeks to heal if your normal longer if you have other conditions. Call the doc immediately if you have any complications. Gotta run.
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Thanks unxmas gosh the night after surgery, it'll give me chills for a while to come lol! Thanks for advise on follow ups and yes it's probably because if appt times. The poor nhs staff are so stretched! I am going to take it easy and luckily have plenty of people around who are helping me. I hope it all is ok now and each day gets that little bit better

Thanks NatureLover. I keep seeing this 6-8 weeks to recover and am left wondering about work and how long I need off? Hospital only give me a sick note for 2 weeks and said I need to see my GP for a further note!

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