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Seton Drain Advice?


I recently had two seton drains put in for a fistula. I am having a hard time adjusting to the change. They are uncomfortable, and I am finding it difficult to keep them clean. I also feel like my Crohn's symptoms are worsening, but maybe I'm just being paranoid. I would love to hear any advice you may have.

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I'm 3 weeks into my seton. It has become more comfortable. However, it's obviously not ideal. I'm back at work, though and able to sit for the most part. It does get better. I can't comment on the increase in the Crohn's symptoms, as I've just been diagnosed and have no baseline to reference. I'm not on medication yet so I have no idea what "normal" is. I wish you the best, and hope you get some relief soon.
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Glad to hear that it gets more comfortable. Good luck with your Crohn's, and thank you for sharing.
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Hi grayk,

When I had 3 setons initially put in place for fistulas it did take a while to adjust to them. I found some relief in epsom salt baths, recommended twice daily. Also when I went back to work I made sure to have a proper therapeutic donut cushion.

If you are still having troubles discuss with your surgeon - mine made some corrections to the setons which made them a whole lot more pleasant (though it was a day surgery procedure). If you find the skin is irritated nearby due to leakage or friction caused by setons rubbing the skin etc, I use calmoseptine cream on the surrounding skin.

To keep the sites clean - wet wipes, epsom salt baths, portable bidet, disposable pads/gauze, barrier cream all work well - also keep a travel mirror handy to check the sites if they are in a hard to see area.

Take care and please talk to your doctor if things don't seem to get better - the sooner things are treated the sooner you will feel better
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No advice, just sympathy. Heading in tomorrow to get at least one seton and have one or two fistulotomies done.
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You do adjust over time but I was so uncomfortable that I ended up getting smaller setons placed after the big ones were in long enough to drain a lot. You may be able to get them switched out but in the mean time sitz baths, and finding a good donut or cushion to sit on will help.
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Hi Gray,
Have you tried sitting on a heating pad? It is my go to for fistula pain relief.
Sometime the knot in the fistula can rub a bad spot too. Occasionally people talk about slowly rotating the fistula in a hot bath by rubbing the seton gently in one direction.

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