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An amusing Ooops

My fiance and I were talking about me having to get up in the night to burp my bag and he said to me "why don't you just wear a bigger bag?". To which I replied, "I'd still have to get up to burp it!". To which he replied "No, I meant like a Hufty bag" He meant to say Hefty bag (like a green garbage bag) but slipped hufty bag instead...we couldn't stop laughing. And then I threatened to make him huff said hufty

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Oscar is awesome! Loving my life with my stoma (with a hint of poo)!!

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See now...size really doesn't matter!
Husband diagnosed with Pancolitis 3/2013
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Reversal scheduled for December 19th. Egads!

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Ulcerative colitis

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