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Just started Humira shots not nearly as bad as I heard

So I literally just had my loading doses a few hours ago.
I become very nervous with things like this. I have asthma and very
Sensitive skin/system. Driving home there was an accident and I was stuck
In bumper to bumper traffic and started feeling a little achey,
Of course I got terrified I would have a reaction and be stuck in traffic...
But I made it.
The nurse who taught me was so nice, she answered
All my questions and put up with my nervousness. She was
Straight with me about the pain, which I appreciated.
Honestly I thought from the posts the injections would be
Unbearably painful, but they weren't. I had them 6 hours ago
And honestly I'm a little achey and tired but I think that's it so far.
Just wanted to share! I truly hope this helps and I can
Come off the entocort soon.
Hugs to everyone !!
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Humira as of Dec 18
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That's great! The Humira does tend to sting a little, but its really not unbearable at all. The needle going in doesn't hurt at all, its just the darn medicine that stings. BUT there are definitely worse things out there
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Good to hear it wasn't horrible. I'm starting it in the next week or so and somewhat nervous, so reassuring post appreciated!
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I'm 8 weeks into Humira. I started feeling more aches and joint pain about a month into it. Now feeling the very dry skin. BUT if it keeps me pain free I will put up with these side effects .

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The momentary burn (migated by allowing the medicine to warm up to room temperature before injecting) of the medicine going in is so worth the days of relief it otherwise provides. It should not even be a factor in the decision making process.
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I've been on humira for 5 months now. Every time I inject I take a Tylenol and hay fever pill. I have not had any problems with the injections themselves just don't think things are fully cleared up. Was just away in Vegas and had a flare up and wasn't the best time. Have had to cancel our January cruise as a bit nervous that things will get worst. Supposed to have a colonoscopy inthe new year to see what's going on and why I'm still bleeding. Just feeling bummed out that things are not back to normal with all these drugs that I'm on. Costing a fortune figure I should feel good.
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To all:

How do we know Humira works? I have had Crohns for more than 20 years. I work in pharmaceutical research and know that not all drugs work as advertised :-/

Short story - I fail typical treatments. Pred gets my flares under control short term. Currently half of my ileum is severely strictured (based on CT Enterography). My GI said try biologics to put off surgery (have one resection - hated it - under my belt). Failed Cimzia (obstructed on pork ribs) and saw no other symptom relief, i.e. No improvement in psoriasis or joint pain. Was on remicade for almost a year and did see some improvement in my symptoms and was able to add back in some fiber (veggies without pain). Developed antibodies aka allergic reactions and had to stop. The remicade was not working as well so not a big deal.

In pain almost all of the time now. Avoiding fiber. Still in pain.

The point: know your symptoms...understand what drugs can relieve...know when diet is your best friend...know when you get the "bad" gets cut out that you still need to be on something that will fight the inflammation that is our enemy!

Just had my second dose (after loading dose) and see no relief in my secondary symptoms or abdominal pain. Planning on surgery. See GI next week but I go in with knowledge and my own expectations. My leaving suggestion is to be as knowledgeable as you can and be in control of your health care.
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I am now on Stelara, but when I was on Humira, I had a couple of things that would make it less painful. First: ditch the stupid pen if you don't have very bad arthritis. The pen was designed for someone who has RA and doesn't have the dexterity for the standard syringe. Your doctor can order the normal syringe. Second: slap your leg as hard as you can and then inject. This is what they do with cows. You really won't feel it if your leg is getting over the sting. With the standard syringe, you can inject slowly and not have the burn hit you so hard.

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