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NameDr. Craig Lubin
Address1111 W. 34th Street #200
 Austin, Texas, 78705
 United States
Phone(512) 454-4588
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Dr. Lubin is a good guy. He's easy to get along with and will listen to all of your concerns with patience. He will spend a good amount of time with you going over symptoms and whatever else is happening in your life. He has a lot of knowledge about Crohn's and will do everything by the book, but sometimes that isn't always the best route. He is very quick in sending you off to his colorectal surgeon when other things could possibly be done. I remember when I was goin through a flare and a colorectal surgeon called me saying that Dr. Lubin's office made an appointment for me. I was completely confused at the time since I never even considered surgery for my issue. This action was very hasty and done carelessly. I didn't care for that at all as a patient... especially since it was completely unnecessary in the long run. Don't expect to have him prescribe you LDN if you're lookin for it.

5 / 5 Bedside Manner
4 / 5 Knowledgeable
3 / 5 Open to alternative treatments
1 / 5 Ease of accessibility
Crohns Colitis (2000)
Perianal disease (2008)
Pyoderma Gangrenosum (2009)

Imuran (2000 - current)
LDN therapy (started 1/3/2013)

Sub-total colectomy ileo-rectal anastamosis (2007)

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