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Got my biopsy results - 6MP or Remicade?

So as most of you know, I had my colonoscopy done last week. I got the biopsy results in the mail yesterday and they showed mild-moderate active pancolitis. I have to make a follow up appt with the GI to find out what meds she plans on putting me on at this point, but it sounds like it will either be 6mp or remicade. A little scary to move up to the next category of meds, but i am ready to feel better and also glad it is not just IBS causing me issues!

If anyone has any advice as to which med to go for, please help me out! Also if she gives me a choice between the 2, which would you recommend and why? The one thing I like about Remicade is that it is just 1 infusion every 8 weeks whereas the other is a daily pill from what i understand but I work night shifts 3 nights a week so it is hard for me to take pills at the same time each day. On the other hand, they both have serious possible side effects. I'll take anything you've got for me!

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We were not given 2 options, my son's GI recommended Prednisone for 3 months and 6mp for maintenance medication. (6mp can take 3 months to start working) It is easy, inexpensive and worked great for our son.

I did recently read that they have found using Remicade soon after diagnosis can change the course of your disease. Remicade is also considered by many to be the best drug available to treat crohn's. You also can't stop getting it and then restart it, because your body will produce antibodies.

I would probably want to nip things in the bud quickly and go for the remicade. You can always go on 6mp later. Just my 2 cents.

I always like asking the GI, "if you were in my situation what would you do?". I am always surprised once I hear their answer and how strongly they seem to favor one choice that they didn't just tell me to begin with. But, I think most GI's have learned not to offer that info unless you specifically ask.
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To me, Remicade was a lifesaver. I tried 6-MP and had severe pancreatitis and liver inflammation from it. I took Remicade for 6 years and never had one negative side effect from it, other than being tired the day before/after the infusion and sometimes a headache during the infusion. I would hands down recommend Remicade. But I like Johnnysmom's idea and ask the GI what he would do if it were him.
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