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Any IBD exercise tips to improve body image?

Question: Does anyone know of some good books or videos, any kind of materials that offer instruction on exercising with Crohn's Disease? I looked into hiring a personal trainer but wow is that expensive! I hate to buy into the whole stereotype of gay men being obsessed with perfect muscular bodies, but being a bean pole isn't getting me anywhere with anyone. Besides, I think if I looked a bit more fit I might also just feel better in general. I've never been an athletic person and I really don't know where to start with working out. Even if I wasn't sick I wouldn't know how to start. But having Crohn's makes it more difficult because it's so hard to put on any weight. I just get so depressed because all the guys I see are these big strapping young bucks and I'd like to sort of get out there and be social like them but ugh...I dunno...I might've been able to pull off the whole skinny twink thing when I was 20 years old, but now that I'm in my late 30s I just look like I'm dying. NOT cute! It's difficult in so many ways, feeling vulnerable because I'm sick but also feeling vulnerable because I look physically weak, then to top it off I'm alone all the time because let's face it, gay men like what they like, and what they like are muscles. This disease is very isolating for most people and lucky me I get to be part of an even tinier isolated fraction of an isolated group! :batty: *sigh* Any suggestions of books, programs, dvd's, websites/blogs, etc. would be appreciated
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Hey ThePear, I can totally relate to not wanting to look like the 98 pound weakling. Unfortunately our disease does keep most of us very skinny and far from the Adonis like images we see in magazines and on tv. On the flip side even most without IBD are far from "perfection" whatever that means anyway. Everyone has body image issues over weight etc. and that's why the plastic surgery industry and beauty products industry grow leaps and bounds.

Most gay men are regular average looking joes without the beautiful ripples, 6 pack, dimples and tan complexion. Please keep in mind that anyone sane and worthwhile knows that while beauty is nice, reality and personality are more important. Hopefully someone will see you for YOU and not how skinny or weak you look. Many guys also like twinks and you may even have an advantage in that respect.

That was my two cents on the body image front. As for trying to get in better shape with crohn's I think it starts with diet. What are you eating? For me I desperately needed carbs to gain weight, lean protein to feel alive and fruit and veg juice to make sure in addition to my vitamins that I'm absorbing properly.

As for as exercise goes I think that whatever feels safe and comfortable is fair game. Don't jump to the crazy weights if you are not in shape. Start slow and work your way up to more time and weights.

There is also a web community called (I was a member years ago when I was more into fitness and there are many non-jocks). It's a nice place for gay men to discuss fitness goals and life. I have seen some posts on crohn's and colitis there and maybe people have good routines or advice.

I don't know of any gay crohn's specific site nor crohn's specific exercise site but can dig deeper to see if there may be something out there.
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I,d start on the cross trainer if I was you,low impact on joints alternate with the rowing machine,when your general fitness is better add in ab crunches or the pullover weights machine,also look out for a bbc programme called horizon you,ll get it online somewhere and research interval training it's quite interesting you,ll find that any kind of exercise helps yours crohns.good luck
P.s forget this feel the burn garbage,if it hurts stop!lighten the weight or lower the resistance.
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I find that anything involving shaking around a lot (such as running) leads to discomfort... and pooping...

I have some adjustable dumbells and a bench and so i use them for weight training whenver i feel up to it. It's a bit nicer having the equipment at home because it makes it less of an effort to exercise.

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