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Possible Abscess? Extremely Slow Doctor! :'(

Hello again everyone, about a month ago I posted about how i was STILL waiting for my barium x-ray after my colonoscopy was clean. Well fast forward another month and im STILL waiting for my x-ray! Im getting extremely scared that its getting worse as my symptoms have been steadily increasing. It first started as lots of diarrhea with mucous, and weight loss then came the lack of appetite, feeling of fullness. I've even thrown up a couple times. But recently I've been getting Ulcers and sores in my mouth along with abdominal pain and cramping that comes and goes and I'm very nauseous. Overall my level of energy has dropped dramatically as I have lots of fatigue and I feel very weak most of the time and have joint pain, and I'm not even on any medication.

I stayed home again today and am going to the walk in clinic to see if the doctor can do anything for me even though I know theres not much he can do. Everytime i call my GI to see what the hold up is about my x-ray they just tell me that all their paperwork is up to date and they're waiting for the hospital to call them back with an appointment for my barium x-ray. However its been nearly 2 months and I dont want to spend christmas like this.

I guess the main question I have is, is it possible to have an abscess in my intestine that they would not be able to find in a colonoscopy due to the scope not being able to reach all the way up there? I feel like the priority of this x-ray is quite urgent and I'm just freaking out here guys I have no idea what to do
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Just a quick update: I called my GI and when I asked about the X-ray the receptionist was very shocked and remembered me calling in previously, she was surprised to find out I hadn't had my x-ray yet. She said it shouldn't have taken this long and something must of gotten mixed up at the hospital and they never called to schedule the appointment... So I've been waiting this whole time for nothing. She said she would get the appointment now at top priority but still would be a while
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The joys of free healthcare! I have been fighting for months to get procedures done. Takes forever it seems Hope you get your x-ray soon!
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That is so frustrating! It is possible to have ulcers or abscesses in your small intestine that weren't seen during a colonoscopy. Sadly, we sometimes need to be pushy to get what we need. Don't be hesitant to call your doc if you don't hear anything. Also, if you have new symptoms, you may want to ask the GI to see you again now. Good luck!
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Hi Brenden,

I am sorry you are feeling so badly, I hate the way they are treating you. You mentioned vomiting, feeling full, and cramping. These things make me very nervous. I have had them too, but they were not signs of an abscess they were signs of an obstruction. For me abscesses bring fever and sometimes pain... but a obstruction or partial obstruction brings everything else on your list. It is absolutely possible to not see things with the scope - they only go to the bottom of the ileum - the whole small intestine is unseen. They never saw my obstruction with the scope from either end.

I would tell them you are concerned it may be a blockage... that should get them moving. And if you have an uncontrollable fever or start vomiting stuff that has either sat in your stomach undigested for an unreasonable amount of time or stuff that looks/smells like diarrhea go directly to the hospital.

Good luck. I hope they get you sorted out quickly.

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