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Was on Imuran, Now I'm NOT

Hello Guys,
I hope this post will help someone today! I have not posted to this forum for over 4 months (there is a reason).
Short history - Diag with U/C in 1995 and have taken sulphsalazine since then for control. Diag with Crohns in 2012 with 4 fistulas. Was on Imuran at 150mg since then. For the last year I have had flare ups after flare ups and was going downhill. I'm poor so I can not take remicade or any other meds. I was ready to die, got my paper work completed and was just waiting. I had lost over 60 pounds and was down to 138. I'm 6 feet and usually weight in about 200. That was 4 months ago.

I came across a web site called I was not a believer in any diet to control or heal my condition but since I was checking out, thought I might as well give it a try (with the help of my partner). There I found out that this guy "cured" himself with this diet. I'm a very sceptical of ANY drug or any diet that even helps our condition. I was not happy about having to remove the very foods I've loved and enjoyed.

I started the SCD diet in September of this year. I was determined to give it my 100% so I could say it doesn't work but things started to happen. After 3 weeks, the swelling in my gut went down. That there was amazing. I had totally forgot what it was like without bloating. But still not convinced. After 6 weeks it continued and I noticed that my cramps were slowly going away. No cramps, no bloating but I still had active fistulas. I decided on my own to stop my medications because I was on my way out and this was my last "give a shxx" chance. Needless to say I started to feel better. Not having to take flagyl, cepro, imuran, sulfasalazine, tramadol and tylenol blew my mind. I was waiting for a massive flare up. Instead I got better. At this time the swelling around my anus and fistulas have gone away. I can actually feel the fistula track. AND for the first time in over a year - I can sit. My strength has returned, my weight has stabilized to 180. This has never happened to me in the last 17 years. Some will say that I'm in remission. Yes I am but even better than remission. I've been in remission before, I know its a slippery path but I have never experienced a reduction in bloating, swelling and a general good feeling that I am experiencing now.

The SCD diet has saved my life. Do I miss sugar, milk, grains and such? No, not really. Eating REAL food takes cravings away. The diet has taken my food obsession away (not having to worry about its effect). Just cause they sell it at burger king doesn't make it food.

PLEASE look into this diet and understand what it is and why it works. I believe it can only help. The woman that developed this diet had children with IBD. I wish she was still alive so I could give her a hug!

I would say I was personally helped by this diet and I will continue it for the rest of my life. It has changed the way I see food, drugs, the pill makers and the food industry. Bad things are out there. I recommend this diet even without disease. Give it a try, keep up your medications, tell your doctor and start taking control of your life. It is such an awesome feeling to wake up without pain and to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. If you want to chat, email me at [email protected]

Take Care - George
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What an incredible story, thanks for sharing. Long may your remission continue!
Symptoms from the age of 12. Mis-diagnosed with UC at the age of 13, and later diagnosed with Crohn's in January 2012 at 24 years old. Disease mainly in terminal ileum.

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