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Early Pregnancy, any words of wisdom??

Hi everybody, so I am almost 7 weeks pregnant!!
We got married recently so its a honeymoon baby We only had it confirmed with our gp this week and as it's so close to Christmas, my GI has finished up until January. I'm wondering if anybody could tell me what to expect in the coming weeks? I know every woman is different but anything at all would be helpful!

I have quite bad morning sickness lasting all day (which is how we found out!) but my Crohns has been well behaved, although this could be because I'm eating very little. Then this morning I woke up with stomach cramps and spent half the morning in the toilet. This wouldn't be unusual as I'm prone to the odd bad day. Just wondering if going to the toilet a lot (sometimes a bit of straining) can impact the pg? Anything at all would be really helpful as I've not told anybody yet and am quietly freaking myself out
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Congratulations, wish I could be of more help but my hubby and oldest son are the crohnies. I can certainly relate to the morning sickness though I was sick all day long with my youngest. Make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated. I found small meal every couple of hours also helped with the morning sickness.
I'm sure others will be along soon with more information.

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My son has Crohn's, not I, but I would nibble on soda crackers to help with the morning sickness... if that doesn't bother you Crohn's-wise. And diddo on the small, frequent meals, and keeping hydrated.
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Thank you for the replies ladies! I have crackers and a banana on my bedside table and nibble on one or both when I wake up, seems to be helping a little.
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Congratulations! I am currently at 19 wks tomorrow. I still consider myself to be fairly new to crohn's, diagnosed a little over a year ago. I have a real mild case, but understand the bad days where you spend more time in the bathroom. I was pretty much in remission when I got pregnant, thanks in part to a very strict anti-candida diet that cleansed my system. I still went to the bathroom multiple times a day with large volume soft stools. Pregnancy has seemed to put it even more into remission, to the point that I feel fairly normal in the bathroom department. Only going in small amounts and they are actually solid formed stools. Still go more than once a day sometimes.

I had to go on Zofran for the morning sickness because none of the other tips I tried helped enough. I did suck on ginger candies that you can find in the asian section of the grocery store. The packaging looks like a pack of cigarettes. It would takes 2 hours to dissolve, and helped wonderfully. I just didn't like the taste. Recently, I started using a high-quality peppermint essential oil. If I feel nauseous, I rub a few drops over my stomach and it works in seconds. I recommend that if you can find some and don't want to resort to meds.

Best of luck to you! Hang in there. Morning sickness sucks, and it can be unbearable at times. It can make it harder to hide the pregnancy if people notice you are sick a lot, but don't be afraid to lean on those who know. I spent more time on the couch than I care to admit, but my husband was amazingly supportive about it.
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Thanks so much for your reply. Delighted to hear the Crohns isn't giving you trouble so far, I think this is my biggest worry.
Have been sucking on peppermint sweets and taking ginger capsules and they help a little but will definitely get some peppermint oil, I didn't know rubbing it on your stomach could help, great tip!! I have a script for Zofran but would really like to try the natural remedies first. Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

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