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Reversal Completed

And home already after a little more than 48 hours.
The surgery itself lasted 90 minutes, with an hour in recovery. He had lots of pain at the incision site on day one, but hasn't been on any pain meds since yesterday evening. He peed and pooed within 24 hours of surgery, and seemed a little offended by how excited I was about that.
Heck, I'm still excited just thinking about it!

And a little nervous too, to be honest. I really really want to get out of this mode of anticipating the what ifs and just enjoy what is for now.

We have a good supply of butt burn cream and installed a portable bidet, and of course, the advice and support I've been given here have really set us up on the path to success. (with lots of tricks and tips in case that path gets bumpy)

I will be going through our inventory of leftover supplies, of which we have quite a bit of, and would gladly donate them to anyone in need here on the forums. We have a good bit of 2 pc Coloplast Sensura Xpro light convexity wafers with drainable pouch, for starters. And a Phoenix belt we never used.

Thanks so much for holding my hand through all of this. Some may say these are just words on a screen, but they have offered me hope and courage during this past year. (((heartfelt hugs)))
Husband diagnosed with Pancolitis 3/2013
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Proctocolectomy/Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis 9-6-2013
Contrast enema + flex scope 11-18-2013 = approved for reversal!
Reversal scheduled for December 19th. Egads!

Sometimes hope is the best medicine. Don't give up!
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Wow!!! That's incredible news! I'm glad that things went well and that there were no complications. Wishing you both continued health, and a very Happy Christmas!!

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That is wonderful news about the reversal, expedited healing beginning and normal BM's. I hope this continues in a positive direction.

If you want to donate your extra supplies the orgs Friends of Ostomates and Osto Group accepts them for people in need.

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