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Sulfasalazine and nausea?

Hey everyone! So I will give you the backstory first: the first drug I was ever on was sulfasalazine (which was like 7 years ago). It was killing off my white blood cells and when they dropped the dose, I lost effectiveness.

I'm in a drug trial now and have been stomach symptom free for a year BUT I have developed a type of arthritis. My GI put me back on a lowdose of sulfasalazine to help with my joint pain. However now I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I know nausea is a symptom but my question is does this side effect ever go away or diminish over time? (Like I said earlier, it's been 7 years and I can't remember, and I never was fully in remission anyways). Thanks!
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- Vedolizumab (Trial Drug)
- Sulfasalazine (for Arthritis)
- Sertraline,Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Multi Vitamin, Calcium

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- Sulfasalazine, Asacol, Imuran, Remicade, Humira, Methotrexate

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My son had more nausea and abdominal pain when he first started taking sulfasalazine. We also discovered that he feels much better if he takes it with a full meal so he takes his am dose with breakfast and his pm dose with dinner.
Son (age 13) diagnosed with Crohn's Feb. 2012.
Currently on Imuran and Sulfasalazine.

Also taking: TuZen probiotic and following a low FODMAP diet (not very strictly).

Past Treatments: Prednisone, Flagyl, Cipro, Pentasa, exclusive EN via NG tube (6 weeks), Prevacid, Iberogast (20 drops twice a day) and high doses of vitamin B2.

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