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Pregnant with crohns and bladder fistula

I have been searching for a while and this is the closest forum I can find to the topic I would like to talk about. I really hope someone helps me out with some info. My girlfriend has been dealing with serious Crohn's disease since she was about 17 and she will be 25 in February. She has had a rectal fistula she now has a bladder fistula pretty bad that she is urinating feces. It calmed down in the past week. We went today for them to put a camera up her bladder and find where the fistula is. Before doing the operation they gave her a urine test and she came back positive being pregnant and it was confirmed with a blood test. We hope to have a healthy baby and understand that there is a risk, and pretty much a mandatory C-section. If anyone has this problem and has had a baby while having a bladder fistula can you please tell us what happened and how the baby is now. We are really nervous and would just like to hear some hopefully positive stories!
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Sorry to hear that! Congratulations on the pregancy and i wish you guys the best of luck with this, I really hope the fistula issue can be resolved without any negative impacts on the baby.

I also have a bladder fistula and right now i'm in the phase on not really knowing whats going to happen - i was told i'll need an MRI scan of my pelvis and that it will be booked for me but other than that i know nothing, i just kinda waiting for further information.
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Thank you. She was scheduled for a camera to go in her bladder but right before the procedure we found out about the pregnancy! I wish the best of luck to you!
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First off, welcome to the community

Second, congratulations on the pregnancy! My wife and I recently had our first and it is so amazing.

Third, I have copied your thread here to the pregnancy subforum. Hopefully others will have additional insight for you here.

All my best to all three of you
It's good to be back

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