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Same Pill different names?

I've got crohn's disease and I've had it for about 2 years now, I consider myself quiet lucky when I read some of the possible side effects, however I did get extremely bad at one point where I was vomitting so much I ended up in A&E since I tore something in my throat/stomach and was vomitting blood, nothing serious, just scared me.


I've been put on a few meds, some of which I see on the forum and google, and some of which I do not.

I was hopeing you guys could help me clarify what pills I have got and their names in other countries, just so when I'm reading up on stuff I know what's what in terms of my meds.

I've been put on:
  • Prednisone (but taken off since my liver wasn't doing good =( )
  • Azathioprine (I know that one, Imuran, right?)
  • Pentasa Slow release tablets Mesalazine (which after reading the leaflet, I am pretty sure is 5-ASA/Mesalamine?)
  • Metoclopramide is Reglan? (Not so much for crohn's disease, but it sure works bloody well to rid me of nausia that it brings.) ((No idea if it's got another name))

You may say "Hey, google it!" yeah no shiet, done that wonna make sure I know my stuff by checking with you guys who I imagine some of the people among you have probably spent a larger amount of time researching your condition than I can hope to know after two years.

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Prednisone and prednisolone are pretty much the same for what we need to know (different chemical structure but metabolises to the same drug)

5-ASA has other drug names like Mezavant and Salofalk and Asacol as well.

I'm not heard of the last one but the rest you have written is correct
Current Meds:
2x 1200mg Mezavant, 3x50mg Azathioprine, Infliximab (6 weekly)

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