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ive been taking questran due to a really upset stomach it works but the next day when I have to go to the toilet I cant seem to get away from it.
Does this happen to anyone else?
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When "Quacks" told me it was IBS, I was given Questran. Can't say the effectiveness of the drug in conjunction with Steroids. I was taking Questran without proper Crohn's medication (Entocort EC now).

Questran helped initially. I held down food for about a month. Thereafter, the medicine stopped working and I was back to diarrhea. Are you also on Crohn's / Ulcerative Colitis medication - or what's your condition?
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I have crohns and im taking mercapaopurine 25mg and also on pred,started on 30 mg and tapering off 5 mg every three days.
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Hey condit2013,

I'm don't really understand why you have been prescribed Questran. What are the symptoms you were experiencing that led to it being started?

Questran is a bile acid sequestrant so is normally used to lower cholesterol and is also used in some liver conditions. For those with Crohn's it is often used post resection to treat bile acid malabsorption diarrhoea as it acts as a binding agent.

A side effect can be diarrhoea.

When did the upset stomach start? Did it coincide with the commencement of steroids?
Steroids do cause stomach issues with a lot of people, because of this many GI's will prescribe a PPI along with it to avoid the problem.

Dusty. xxx
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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I was initially prescribed Questran when I was first told I had IBS also. I didn't like it at all. I find that Lomotil works much better to reduce bathroom trip and quiet my stomach.
Current Meds: Pentasa 500mg 2 pills 2x a day, Lomotil and Zofran as needed and started 4.5mg LDN June 6, 2014!
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I had a flare up due to a doctor putting me on antibiotics for a skin infection ever since then my stomach has been really bad I've been going to the toilet up to 5-10 times a day its been going on for about three weeks.
I was put on Prednisolone for 3 weeks starting at 30mg and reduce by 5mg pretty fast.
I'm still getting blood in my stool its not much but still freaking me out,i have just had my blood work done and have an appointment on Friday with a doctor.

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