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Stelara Update

Hello! Just wanted to share some happy news! My daughter has been on Stelara since May 2013 and tolerating the drug well. She had a rough summer...labs have not been great for about a year (she had her thyroid removed in 2011 because of a stage 1 cancer). As far as GI labs,,,her ferritin and albumin had been very low, and her last fecal calprotectin was 1250. After a few bumps in November (some belly pain and bleeding hemmrhoids/skin tags, and a nasty staph infection on her leg) she has been feeling good. Weight is up (and normal!) . Went for GI visit yesterday to follow up on labs......and....every single value is normal!!!! Her fecal calprotectin is 39!!! It has never been that low!!! Her ferritin level is up to 12 (from 7) and albumin is normal...and no occult blood in her stool...I think for the first time since diagnosis at age 10! I almost cried when he handed me those lab results! We go for endocrinology labs next week...those have been horrible since the summer. Her TSH is crazy high, and endo feels it is because of chronic inflammation in her gut and the inability to absorb the thyroid hormone replacement medicine. Now that GI labs have stabilized, hoping for some good results from endo! I know this might be short-lived, but hey, I am doing the happy dance with those pristine results! Considering all the stress she has been under with starting college, finals ect...not too shabby! So happy! Happy New Year!! Kim

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