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Living a better life with Crohns

Here is an article I wrote up, on what I have learned about Crohn's Disease, and how to mange it by using many different types of diets to get an idea of what your specific body can tollerate, and what it cannot.. Since everybody is different, each person tollerates both food items, and combinations of foods, differently, so I wrote up an article about how to do that effectively, so that you can get an idea for yourself what causes your crohns to get so bad.. I've used this idea for many years now.. I basically use SCD's introductory diet as a base, learning to use the 1 food item a week rule from that, then I learned from Makers how the environment around us affects crohns, then I learned from ecology and other diets how herbs and different types of plants can affect crohns, so this is a little article I put together, and as always I offer support on this journey along the way... It has really helped me, and I just wanted to share in hopes that maybe it would help someone else as well..

How to live a better life with Crohn's Disease

I use food as a base, because one thing we do know about Crohns is that Crohns Disease is a bacterial inbalance that causes the bodies natural defense system (immune system) to become overactive.. Using the bacterial inbalance theiry, we learn that use of antibiotics only makes this worse, in fact even my doctor told me that without having to say anything to him about it, so that much we know.. The idea behind using diets, is to starve the bad bacteria without the use of antibiotics, Each time we eat a food that doesn't agree with us, that item becomes food for harmful bacteria inside the body, which then multiply causing an overgrowth to occur, which the theiry is causes an overactive defense mechanism to occur. This is usually food that we consume that the small intestines cannot absorb, due to small or large intestine inflammation, this is what causes bacteria to multiply, and eventually what the bodies defense system is trying to attack.... So if this helps anyone it was well worth writing.

take care...
CD 12yrs, went off SCD after 6yrs too expensive, imuran 50mg/2day, thinking about Remicade again after on it 12mo 3 yrs ago, have all internal parts still besides appendix. diseased illeum, 9 diseased areas in large, narrowing where colon meets rectum, and severe Rectal Fistulas in the spincter muscle area where hemorrhoids normally are.

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Sounds good. My GI told me however that the body is also attacking the good bacteria as well. It is just in complete over-drive during a flare. Food 'may' increase the chances that it will start a flare the body more to attack. The other GI I see also said that sometimes the joint pain associated with the disease is thought to be the body attacking the tissue in the joints as well. Altho diet would help the intestines, do you think it would help the joint pain as well??

I don't follow any diet right now since everything I eat affects me, and some things that bother my body today, wont next week, and didn't last week. It is nonsensicle to me and hard to determine. I started out trying to find my bad foods, trying a new one once a week. Found foods that did and still do aggravate me, but then found foods that didn't. A month later, they did. So I can't really follow any real diet. Anything that bothers me, I stay away from. And if something bothers me when it didn't before, I stay away from that for a while to see if it helps.

Thanks for all of the info! Good reading!!

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great article bubazoo. thanx.

Can you tell us about the makers diet in your sig???
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Interesting article Bubazoo. Just got a couple of questions

Don't you think its a bit short sighted of you to dismiss the medical profession based on what a few doctors have said to you. You have said in your article that different things work for different people, so dont you think that for some people, prescribed medication may work for them? It is for me.

I notice on your site that you have a lot of news updates from the medical profession as well, why have this on site if you don't agree with their views?

I think that those of us who are ill need to keep our minds and our options open. While I agree that diet most certainly affects our illness, I also believe that the progress made by the medical world shouldn't be discounted. If it wasnt for progress in medicine, some of the members on here wouldnt be around- I'm thinking of stomas etc.

I can see from your article that you are focussing on diet to make you feel better, and good luck with that, I just thought that if a newbie was reading this, then a more holistic view would be more beneficial.

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Big Al, The standard medical approach is way off. I would call it dangerous. And if the medical community would embrace the bacterial imbalance theory they would save people with CD from years of needless pain and suffering. Newbies especially should read "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" if they really want to go down the right path.

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Nice article
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You should probably sticky this... But the use of antibiotics for crohn's patience is a good idea if your in the hospital with a flare... You kill both the good and bad bacteria, and you can reculture some of the good bacteria by foods and by slowly reintroducing them with probiotics (that would be live cell bacteria pills)... Studies have shown giving crohn's patience who have a flare up antibiotics helps with further flares... So if you get hospitilzed they should give you a lot of antibiotics... That way all that bacteria in your gut dies so your body can then ease up on the attacking...

You don't want to overload yourself with probiotics though after you get out of the hospital or else you may trigger another flare by putting in too much bacteria at once...

No you can not do regular matience with antibiotcs or else you will just be killing what all is in your gut and throw everything further out of balance...

You gut is basicly fubar if you have to go to the hospital so kill everything in the gut and start back from square one... And it has been proven to help... I can't site the article but I trust my GI doc and his many many years of dealing with all kinds of GI problems... Antibiotcs do help, but like all other medcines their as a time and a place for them... The diet method just does the same thing except by starving the bacteria.. In both cases the bacteria in the gut die and you restart replanting the good bacteria you need...
Be advised that I am not an expert or a Doctor so legally you shouldn't listen to anything I have to say.

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