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Pain after reversal?

Since my reversal surgery I've had pain in the area where I was reconnected...I was told by the doctor that it could be referred pain from the
incisions. It's been 9 weeks and I have been back to work now a week and the pain is still there 24/7 if I put pressure there it seems to be better and if I put pressure around the incisions it doesn't bother me at all ALSO is so much gas part of the deal - you can hear noises from my intestines a mile away. This is all new to me at 57 years old. Thanks
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I would think after 9 weeks your surgical scars shouldn't be hurting you much. I don't have experience with reversal but ill tag Samboi who does.
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Hi Crash.
My surgery was back in Aug.
My scar has what I consider "twinges". Usually at night when I roll over in bed. It's not really pain per se - it's more a reminder there is a scar there. But it is not full on pain.
About a month after surgery I had sudden and unexpected severe pain at the surgical site. It lasted about a week.
It might be taking you longer to heal.
If it is really concerning you - I would definitely call your surgeon.
Good luck and I hope the pain subsides soon.
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