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Working out

Can cardio and weight training cause bleeding? Did some yesterday and was bleeding real bad last night. Could have been psychological (another miserable new year) or something I ate but it was an awful NYE.

Happy New Year!
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Yes, it can cause it in normal healthy people, so definitely with us. I find if I haven't done any training in a couple of weeks, the next time I do I will bleed. The severity depends on if I'm flaring or not.

I find that I can push through it, and after a few days of training it fixes itself. Just keep the training easy and don't push yourself too hard (and watch out for any ab exercises)
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Most of my UC was in the rectum and any kind of physical activity, even walking, caused increased bleeding.
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I,ve never had had bleeding with exercise,I think I would be extra cautious but keep going to the gym it helps.worth a call to your doctor or gi nurse just in case.good luck

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