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Loss of appetite question.

I am currently waiting on a referral to a gi specialist. My dad has crohns so it is being assumed that I have it as well. I have been losing weight (about a pound a day) for the month. I have a loss of appetite and anything I eat makes me nauseous. My question is the loss of appetite I have isn't from any pain I am having or from the diarrhea. I have barely any stomach pains but I have diarrhea. Everything I have read about loss of appetite is due to avoiding foods that can aggrevate ibd. I'm just concerned that my loss of appetite is due to something else or is it normal to just have general loss of appetite.
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i lost my appetite for a few months as well it,ll come back but meantime i,m afraid you,ll have force yourself to eat,not eating will bring other problems up i,m now on permanent acid reflux tablets mostly caused by not eating really bad trots so i thought nothing in means nothing out it only aggravated things.
i,m a big fan of homemade soup when i feel like that its tasty{helps}and can help to settle your stomach cook the veggies well and blend,use low sodium stock cubes in fact we,ve got a pot downstairs the weathers pants here just now so its handy even tinned soup is fine you need food in you.good luck
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Generally the loss of appetite whether conscious or not is due to pain or nausea caused by foods. It's possible you didnt realize you are avoiding foods because you get nausea.
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My son had loss of appetite as part of his disease. It is a pretty common symptom of the disease. Some reasons you could have it are the inflammatory levels in your body, ulcers in your stomach, dehydration or eating foods that are difficult to digest. (then avoiding them as NGNG suggested)

Once you are diagnosed and getting treatment, it should turn around quickly, as should the weight loss. Until then drinking drinks like ensure can help give you the extra calories you need. Sometimes if my son forced himself to take a few bites of something, he would find the nausea would subside. I am sorry you are suffering with this, it is not fun at all.

Let us know how you are doing.
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I just started to supplement one ensure a day and I have been able to take a multi vitamin daily as well. Hopefully I will start feeling better soon and the referral will go through so I can hopefully get closure. I'm just nervous that it is going to take forever. It sucks having to force yourself to eat almost everything.
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I have no appetite myself, I have to force myself to eat really sucks I know how that can be. I'm not losing weight drastically though, thank goodness. But loss of appetite is common
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Yes this is a big one for my son, he just doesn't feel hungry (not normal for a teenage boy). We have to remind him to eat

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hi angela….it is no fun when you have no hunger….but very very normal if your guts are in trauma…..hopefully the doctors will pull their finger out and let you know asap if it is or isnt crohns. Good luck!
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I definitely have loss of appetite that is distinct from pain, diarrhoea and nausea. It's also distinct from feeling full. It's just this overwhelming aversion to food - my stomach just doesn't want anything in it. When I had nausea following surgery, it was definitely different from the loss of appetite. It's not related to eating particular foods for me. Although some foods are certainly easier to get down than others, my loss of appetite is not a result of eating foods that trigger my symptoms.
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Yeah it is like a total food aversion. It is horrible.
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Sorry you are having this loss of appetite problem, it isn't pleasant. I hope it can be sorted out quickly for you.
I would say its a pretty common thing. I get quite bad nausea and pain when i eat and lots of days i wake up feeling nauseous and will have it all day so food isn't on my mind at all. Thats what bugs me the most, waking up nauseous! Haven't even had a chance to give my bowel something to digest and its already complaining haha!

I do always force myself to have decent meals in a day to may sure i get my vitamins etc. I pre make my breakfast and lunch so there isn't the mental thought of should i get lunch as its already there, if i have to think i probs wouldn't eat as i am not hungry.

Have you considered asking your GP for a temporary antiemetic? It doesn't help with the loss of appetite but it makes it easier to eat as you don't feel as nauseous.
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I'm on zofran right now. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. The loss of appetite is the hardest thing to adjust too.

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