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What to think while I wait

I'm a 32 year old female who has been "sick" for a month now. I was told I had a stomach flu but that never got better so the dr did a blood draw which came back normal. Since they couldn't figure anything out off of that they are reffering me to a gi specialist. My dad has crohns and I know I could talk to him about things but he is hard to reach. I'm just scared that what Im going through isn't going to get fixed and I will never be well. I have diarrhea and only have pain shortly before I have to go, also I have loss of appetite, nausea and occasionally vomitting. I don't handle waiting well and I'm so scared. I have a tendency to get in my own head and scare myself. I could really use some comfort while I wait.
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bloodwork isn,t really a good indicator for crohns on its own colonoscopy and biopsy is the main one but lets hope its not,it could be some annoying bug that would be the best result.good luck
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I haven't been diagnosed either, waiting on a GI as well. And being in Canada, could be a few months yet before I see someone. I've been sick now for 7 months, getting sent from doctor to surgeon to doctor to specialist, to surgeon, back to doctor, now waiting for another specialist Good news is that if they can diagnose you, they can treat it and from what I see, can have a pretty normal life..

Now I know you may think I am crazy, but isn't marijuana legal in Washington now? If you haven't tried it, maybe try some. It is a godsend for me, gives me appetite and helps nausea. Also slows things down so I have semi normal poops. Just an idea while you have to wait
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Yeah it is legal in washington but I'm a pharmacy technician and I could lose my job over that. But there is a pharmacist who keeps trying to tell me to do that (as a joke).
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Hey there... I know how bad all this sucks!
And I hate to tell you this can be a very long
Process( getting dignosed) best thing you can
Do is keep a journal of how you feel. Ask questions..
Be your own advocate.. But try not to let it
Drive you nuts.. I know easier said then done.
But you will drive yourself crazy..
I know I did .. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon
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I understand. It was almost 6 months from starting to see symptoms to dx for me. Try not to go crazy and talk to someone. If it makes you feel better research so when you meet with your doctor you have an idea of what might happen next. Best of luck!

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