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Remicade lialda and 6mp + pregnant

I am going on 7 weeks pregnant. I was cleared by both my GI and ob/gun for both lialda and Remicade during pregnancy however my OB told me to come off 6mp(mercaptipourine) while my GI said to continue it. My OB stated that there is a high risk of miscarriages while taking 6mp, though he did also state to discuss it with my ob. This has me worried and very confused. For the time being I have stopped 6mp until I can discuss it further with my GI. Since I've stopped I have a few more stools (mainly diarrhea) each morning and sometimes they are bloody. I can't get in to speak with my GI until June and until then it's calling the nurses and the relay the messages to him then I get a call back from the nurses sometimes a few days later.

*sigh* any advice?
Diagnosis: Confused officially diagnosed in 2010

Bloodwork is indeterminate IBD, biopsies are crohns positive, symptoms and visually it's UC

Current meds-
Prednisone, humira, 6mp, and lialda
awaiting surgical consult

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