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Tapering off entocort

Just wondering if anyone could share their tapering experiences and how they did it.

I have been on entocort since August now and I feel like I'm losing my mind. This could partially be the fact I was anxious to begin with, but I would rarely need to take a xanax. On entocort I feel jittery and have out of control racing thoughts. It has seemed to escalate the more it has gotten into my system. Again I cannot blame this drug entirely for this at all. I also am anxious about the possible side effects of the Humira I have been on a little less than a month now.

I saw my GP today and she told me to begin tapering off the entocort. That having both humira and entocort made me double immune compromised and that since I am responding so well to Humira to begin to taper. I am so nervous about the withdrawals and hoping I can taper as slowly as possible. I would love some advice or shared experiences. I am hoping that it won't throw me into a flare, that the symptoms of withdrawal are not too awful, and that I can focus again. I have been in the middle of a large research paper and not been able to do a thing. I just sit and read the same sentence over and over. I seriously feel like I'm losing my mind.
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I just took my last dose of Entocort today. I started at 9mg (3 capsules) per day in June.

When it came time to start tapering I went to 6mg (2 capsules) for 2 weeks.
Then 3mg (1 capsule) for 2 weeks.
Then 3mg (1 capsule) every other day for 2 weeks (one day take 3mg, next day take none and so on) then stop.

Talk to your doctor about what taper schedule they want you to do. If your symptoms increase or change then notify your doctor right away.
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I started 9mg in August and I think I would like to taper like you very slowly.
I took 6mg last night. I'm so sensitive to meds! Ugh. Thanks for info

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