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Insurance wants to drop me

I'm pretty angry. I work part time so I qualify for medicaid (the only way I could afford my treatments). Anyway now I am pregnant. High risk due to my crohns disease and I'm still slightly flaring. I go to the bathroom at least 3 times, diarrhea only and it's bloody.

Anyway I have to reapply for medicaid by February and I'm faced with tell them I'mpregnant and either get dropped or told I have to add Iin his salary/go after child support, or act like I don't know I'm pregnant...

now like I said medicaid is the only reason I can afford my medicine, if I try to get on the father's insurance on top of the bi weekly payout of $200 and meeting the $10,500 deductible $30 copay every dr visit (i see a rhumatoligist, my GI, high risk OB and my primary at least 2 times a year per each) well be in debt the very first year, unable to pay rent or groceries or anything, all of our money would be going towards Dr visits and medicine. I dont qualify for SSI because i can work part time and im not "sick enough". I don't know what else I can do I'm so upset! I wish i never had this stupid disease life would be so much easier.
Diagnosis: Confused officially diagnosed in 2010

Bloodwork is indeterminate IBD, biopsies are crohns positive, symptoms and visually it's UC

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Prednisone, humira, 6mp, and lialda
awaiting surgical consult

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I'm sorry to hear of your troubles! But congratulations on the pregnancy. (I hope it's a welcome pregnancy?)

I've heard so many stories about how tough the cost of medical care can be. I'm sorry I can't help, but I'll bump your thread and hopefully someone who's been in a similar situation can offer some advice.

Please take care of yourself as much as you can.
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Isn,t it time America has an NHS free at point of service paid through tax?its seems terrible to me that a lady having a baby(great thing)could be a financial disaster for the family,by the way I know the nhs doesn't,t always cover itself in glory.i watch foxnews on sky(I know it's a kick Obama channel)while conveniently forgetting he was elected they seem to be big on do nothing it,ll get better on its own,doubt it.

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