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Dating and Crohn's

Hi! I'm new to the forum!!

I recently started dating a guy I met who has Crohns. We met via the internet and were talking for months before finally meeting last week (he lives in another state in Australia seperate from me). He disclosed to me about his disease when we first started talking, before feelings ever got involved, and I done a little research then.

However last week when I was visiting him he had a flare up and was taken to hospital, so now I feel I need to learn more I've looked online and spoken to him (even had a few chats with nurses and doctors when he was in hospital) but it's difficult to find personal stories that are easier to understand and relate to. He's told me he is so touched that I'm interested in finding out as much as I can and understand.

We're in a long distance relationship so that part I am struggling with because I want to be there all the time with him to help out.

I guess my question would be how can I best find more information? Also food wise is there anything I should steer clear of (I think I read high fibre is not the best idea) when cooking for him/eating out at resturants with him?

Sorry for the very long (not very well organised) post.

Thanks for any help, advice, comments, stories, etc. you have to offer
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Welcome to the forum. I hope you find all you need. Do you have any organizations similar to Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America?

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Hi we have Crohn's & Colitis Australia which I've not yet looked into.
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He's lucky to have your support and interest in this subject. You can learn so much online whether it be here or medical sites advising on the illness. In Australia you have an IBD org

There is no one diet that works or doesn't work. We are all so different but you are right in that typically we tend to avoid high fiber foods if we are flaring or always to avoid further damage in the gut.
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Thanks. I think I'll read through some of the posts and get a better understanding, as well as check out the organization!!

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