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Vegetarian recipes

I was looking for some good vegetarian recipes if anyone had any.
I'm trying to cut out alot of meat in our current diet although not going
completely vegetarian. Meat in general doesnt always agree with me and my CD. So if you have any neat recipes you use at home and possibly kid friendly recipes, post here or message me
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Perhaps you can also list any foods that you avoid? I am sure there are many recipes, but I do not know what you are avoiding.
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My best advice is check out the net for recipes, ESPECIALLY vegetarian recipes, there are tons of sites out there since vegetarians are the #1 alternative eating lifestyle. I personally just make a lot of meatless stirfrys, mainly using snow peas, buk choi (mind the spelling), asparagus, carrots, broccoli (thats about all i use, i would LOVE to use onions and red/green peppers, but i think i have come to the conclusion that both of those things are killers on my system). So ya, do some googling, guaranteed you will find thousands more recipes then you will get from ppl on here, and most sites are organized by different genres of recipes so u can pick what u are in the mood for...
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ya i didn't didnt really want any general recipes online, more other peoples ideas or something they have prepared that they thought was a nice meal for their family etc. Only things i do avoid are meats, nuts and pop and coffee so not like any of those matter Anyone ever use (i think its called) TVP?
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Check the SCD recipe sites. They have lots of IBD friendle vegetarian dishes

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