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Know when its time for injection

Hi all. Silly question but I would love to hear others thoughts on this. I can sense/feel when I am due for my bi-weekly injections of Humira. I can feel it in my stomach as well as other extra internal manifestations. Nothing serious or problematic. I just know that I am 1-2 days away from scheduled injection. Anyone else get these "feelings"? I really hope I'm not the odd man out on this lol.
I have been on humira for 4 months and have notices the "advanced warning" my body creates for about 6 weeks or so. Kind of helps me remember to get ready for it (internal reminder) . I am taking this for Crohns as well as Ankylosing Spondylitis.
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I used to feel that way when I was taking H every 14 days. Now that I take it every 10 days not so much, go figure.
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Not a silly question at all. I sometimes start feeling "tighter" in my intestines as early as day 10. But sometimes I can go the full 14 days (and up to 16 days) before feeling that tightness. This also depends on my diet and stress levels - bad diet (i.e. eating foods that I know cause me intestinal discomfort) and high stress from work or social aspects cause an earlier onset of symptoms.
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I get bad headaches... sometimes full fledged migraines and my stomach gets a bit tempermental when its getting close to time for my shot. I can't tell if the stomach issues is from the crohns or the migraines... guess it doesn't matter though.
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