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Does this sound like Crohn's?

Well I'm pretty new to all of this, & only happened to firstly hear of Crohn's 12 months ago - when i typed my symptoms into google (not wise )

I'd just like to share my experience & have some feedback if anyone is willing (sorry if its long)

I'm now a 20 year old female, student. My symptoms have been apparent since the age of 14, but over the past year have intensified greatly.
The symptoms I have had are;

Weigh loss
I have always been overweight, so when i started to lose weight for no apparent reason, although I was happy I also got worried
- I have lost 2.5 stone (35 pounds) over a 12 month period.
When i am having a flare, I won't eat for a week - but as soon as I'm feeling 'normal', I'll more than make up for that

Abdominal pain
The pains I have are unimaginable. Sometimes they can be on the lower right (where I imagine my appendix to be) and most recently the upper left - this occurs an hour or so after eating (even if it is something small) to me this I can't understand - how they can be in both places?
These pains are made better by nothing, even BM's don't ease them.
On a few occasions my mum has literally begged me to visit the hospital - as she was convinced my appendix would burst lol

In regards to my BM's - I wouldn't connect them to Crohn's although I have seen some people suffer with both C and D.
Occasionally ( once a month) I will have D & suffer with it for around a week (my D will usually have mucus in) - after and during this I will eat & drink very little, so naturally after my BM's are little or non-existent.
On a few occasions i have found around a teaspoon of blood or no blood and found fresh red blood when wiping.

Joint Pain
Quite recently I seem to get tired even though I haven't done much all day. I've found my fingers, wrists and knees have been hurting alot.. like I have arthritis or something

Mouth Ulcers
I've always found the odd ulcer on my tongue but last week (during a flare) - I realised I could taste something metallic at the back of my throat and when I looked, I could see around 10 little ulcers or canker sores I think they're called at the back of my tongue

Anyway I'd just like to see if anyone else has experienced similar before i go to the doctor.
I haven't been to a doctor for 6 years & I'm a little scared of looking stupid

In advance thanks for any replies - I appreciate them :-)
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Welcome shiv
It certainly sounds to me like you have crohns type symptoms.
All you have listed tells me you need to go and get it checked out by a doc. It is possible that you could already be on medication rather than suffering as you are!
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Thank you for replying :-)

& for reassuring me..
My family all joke and refer to me as the hypochondriac because somethings always hurting.

But I will definitely be taking your advice to visit a doctor after my exams are over as my symptoms seem to just be progressing.
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Yeah it gets like that sometimes, it's hard for people to understand how much it hurts and takes it out of you. My mates always used to say I got weird illnesses!
Count themselves lucky is all I can say
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Sorry to say your symptoms do sound like Crohn's or colitis. I hope you get checked out very soon.
*Diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis
*Currently on REMICADE; 5mg every 8 wks
*Gluten free for past four years
*Severe reaction to Asacol (nearly bled to death)
*A recto-vaginal fistula named
*Plus another fistula that exits somewhere near my urethra

Some other fun conditions:
*Degenerative disk disease
*Carpal tunnel
*Bulging disks in neck
*Incurable sarcasm
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Definitely go see a doctor! Your symptoms are similar to what I experienced when my Crohn's bloomed at age 25. I lost 25 percent of my body weight in 6 months, had a lot of lasting strong abdominal pain - especially in my left side, had both occasional C and D with bright red blood, and occasional canker sores (which are so painful!). I didn't have any joint pain though.

Even if you don't have Crohn's or another similar disorder, you should get examined and have your issues addressed and fixed so that you can lead a better, healthier life! Good luck!

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