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Has anyone taken Biologics for crohns

Hi I have severe to moderate crohns and unfortunately other drugs do not seem to be working. Has anyone tried these drugs and what are the side affects. Thanks
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My son has been on remicade and humira.
He has done very well on both drugs.
He has been taking humira for the last 10 months.
Biologics have given him his life back and he can now be a normal 10 year old.
good luck
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Hi, I have been on remicade in the past but it stopped working and then onto Humira and that worked for 4.5 years until I stupidly decided (with go ahead from the consultant) to come off it and see how the crohns reacted. I went into a big flare. I'm back on humira (one month in) and the effect is already kicking in, I'm feeling much better and will stay on it as long as it works.

Side effects vary from person to person. I am more prone to infections but then again maybe that's just having crohns as we don't usually absorb efficiently so are more susceptible to infection if not well nourished.

I would say it is worth it. The small risk of cancer/nerve disorders is something I worried about but I see it that I have no choice but to take this treatment and it is doing a good job keeping me well. It did so well for all those years. Give it some serious thought.

Take care

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thanks for your advice I have been on azathrioprine and pred for 6 months I weaned myself of pred and was taking 100g of aza but it was making my hair fall out so I reduced to 50g a day also I had to have a mole cut that was melanoma and as I have a lot of moles I was concerned I then noticed after a couple of months I was getting more stomach cramps and now feeling as good also my eye sight seemed to deteriorate as well. I have an appointment with the hospital in a couple of weeks as I cant get an appointment because these is no cancellations. I am going to ask what they suggest. I am thinking of seeing a private specialist who has been recommended. Thanks for your advice I don't know anybody else who has crohns so this site has been a god send because people understand how much it can affect your life.
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I just had a very bad reaction to Humira. It was at my 8th week injection( 4th shot after starters). Put me in an asthma attack. I am stopping it ASAP.

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There are sub-forums here for the various medications - have a look and they will give you lots of info. Myself, I am on remicade in conjunction with azathioprine. It has literally been a life changer for me. The only side effect that I am reasonably certain is from the remicade is skin related - I am more susceptible to acne and other skin blemishes now. I wouldn't voluntarily give up remicade, that is for certain. Nothing else has ever done as much for me, but you need to have some decent financial support or a medical plan for it. If it keeps you from the cutting table, give it a shot.
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I am lucky (?) to be on Stelara for severe psoriasis. It is 90 days between doses and at about day 80, I start to flair psoriasis and Crohn's wise. It seems to work. This is after being on Enbrel for 5 years and Humira for 5 years. I may get more colds and upper respiratory infections, but I also have a 5, 4, and 1 year old.
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Lots of information in the subforums, as shamrock said, about the biologics. I would read more about Remicade and Humira than the others (Cimzia, Simponi, Stelara) as they are more common to start with. They do have some scary side effects, but like others here, they made a huge difference for me. Remicade kept me in remission for many years.
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I was on Humira & Imuran for about 9 months. High fevers with the Imuran and huge joint pain, fatigue with both Humira & Imuran. GI said that my gut responded but the secondary symptoms were horrible still. So she put me on Remicade & Methotrexate which dealt with everything except the joint pain so my Rhematologist added Sulfasalazine and I think I'm in full remission with no pain, working full time with lots of overtime and basically able to get on with life. The only side effect is from the Methotrexate - I get a headache on the day of my injection. Other than that - my blood work is good.

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Welcome jules23! As others have mentioned, there are sub-forums on this site for biologics that can be very useful to you. I was on Remicade for about a year before developing an allergic reaction to it. I've been on Humira for over a year now and it has been a very effective treatment - one I wished I started many years ago when my Crohn's first emerged (would have saved me from a lot of suffering). Good luck!

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