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When can we TTC after surgery?

Hi All,

A bit of background - I've been diagnosed with crohns just over 3 years, but was I'll for 3 years before that. I married in August 2012 and for a year after was TTC but I just wasn't fit enough and it turned out in Sept 2013 I had a stricture and needed surgery. So we stopped trying as that had to take priority. I had an ileocecal resection on 11th December and am recovering very well.

So my questions are -

When can we start trying again?

Do I have to be 'cleared' by my surgeon and Consultant?

We really want children and that year we were trying with no joy wasn't easy. But I'm trying to look at it positive as I wasn't well and my body couldn't of handled a pregnancy and I was on lots of medication. Hopefully I'll stay in remission now, I feel loads better already and I won't be on any medication that could affect my child.

Thanks in advance for your help Yvette xx
Hospitalised & Diagnosed Nov 10 - Crohns Disease.
Started on Predisone after discharge from hospital for a few months.
Been on Mesalazine 4g a day since. Tried Azathioprine & 6MP, didn't work. Been on Budesonide in between due to flares.

MRI showed stricture on 24/09/13. TI resection done on 11/12/13
More tests colonoscopy on 28/3/14

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