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Could this be a reaction to Infliximab

Hi, my daughter had her Infliximab infusion last Wed 8th Jan, she has been having them since last May and after the initial loading doses is on an 8 week maintenance. Ella previously had 3 loading doses starting Oct 2012 but they were discontinued due to possible joint pains ( the doctors never came to a conclusion) anyway it was decided after Ella wasn't maintaining on the Aza that she would have to restart. Mostly the infusions have been ok, she has had joint pain (ankle and Knee) but we decided it was the lesser of two evils.
After Ella finished her infusion lasts week she was absolutely wiped out, so much more than usual. That evening she complained that her back was aching on the right side. The following day it was worse so I called the infusion clinic and left a message for advice, I'm still waiting for a return call!!
Then Fri her throat was sore aswell so I took her to out GP who checked her urine for infection which was negative and said her tonsils looked a bit 'gammy', but as she had no temp just wait and see.
Over the weekend her throat has improved but her back is worse, it now hurts mid shoulder blades down. I have put a call in to her GI but haven't heard back yet, 7 hours later :-(
I'm so sorry this is a long account but has anyone got any experience, should I start giving her piriton incase she's having a reaction. She did have a very faint itchy rash on her chest come up which has come and gone.
Thanks Steph
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Infliximab infusion on hold due to reactions.
Scopes being done Mar 2014 to determine whether Ella can maintain without infliximab.
Scopes showed remission, biopsies showed mild inflammation.
Sulfasalazine stopped due to neutropenia
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