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Concerned about lymphoma

My 16 year old daughter has crohns of the small bowel. When first diagnosed she took remicade until she had an allergic reaction. At that time they put her on humira. In the spring of this year they increased her dose to once a week. She is complaining if being very tired and freezing cold and all over itching. There is an unusual lymph node in her neck. I took her to doctor this am but he didn't seem concerned. I however I'm very concerned about lymphoma. Anyone had any experience?
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Praying that its not but keep me posted plz. I have a swollen lymph in my groin and I'm on remicade and Aza which increases the risk, but I was told that swollen lymphs can be caused by lots of things, I.e inflamation, infection etc. hope it's nothing, please let us know though.

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