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Humira without Immunosuppressors

I am not on Humira yet but my doctor wants to prescribe it to me without putting me on immunosuppressors first which I understand is what is the usual for Crohn's patients.

What does it mean if she is just giving me Humira and not putting me on Immunosuppressors first? Will the results be weaker? Will I have a lesser chance of getting the fatal lymphoma from the therapy? Is anyone else going through this type of medication? Thanks for reading and replying
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From my understanding the percentage of people who get fatal lymphoma from this medication is VERY tiny! Yes it CAN happen, but as with any medication even tylenol it will say somewhere you could have a serious reaction and possibly die. This does not mean it is any less scary. I have been on Humira since December 18. I am getting ready to finally take only 1 injection every 2 weeks. I take one tomorrow! It works very very well for ME so far, but everyone is different. I have been on entocort months before because generally if you present with some kind of issue involving inflammation what they do put you on immediately is something to address that. What symptoms did you present with and what is your diagnosis etc?
OH wait I see so you mean you weren't started on 6mp or a similar drug first? That is interesting. I would say it depends on severity and the Dr's treatment approach. Are they a top down as in treat strong so it doesn't get worse, or bottom up, start with the minimum and see if that works. I think the best person to ask is to call and ask your Dr., but people generally have really nice advice here too. I am fairly new to all of this dx'd in August, but I research and ask a LOT of questions.
Hang in there and I hope the medication works for you and your stress is not too much through the whole process, it certainly can be challenging in many aspects.
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