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Frequency of Remicade infusion

hi there, is anyone getting their remicade infusions every 10 or 12 weeks? my GI wants to stretch mine out to 12 weeks from 8 weeks as im doing so well. ive been on this drug for 2 years now and feel great so it makes sense to stretch them out. just wondering if anyone has done this and if so, how did it effect you?

thanks guys
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I went from 8 weeks to 6 weeks due to still having problems.

Do you have a blood test to show the remicade levels and antibodies? I have both just before each infusion to show how much remicade is still in my system.

There's a certain level it should be. If yours is above then I cant see why you can't prolong the time between each infusion, but if it's near the limit it may not work
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thanks Rygon, they told me to come in for a blood test two weeks ago which i did but i havent been told what the results are yet. the GI team are to ring me today with them. im due an infusion tomorrow so i think ill just tell them i want to get it. im a bit scared of what might happen if i wait until 12 weeks. more information is required about all this i think before i jump in and do a 12 week stint.

thanks for your advice again
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I wouldn't do it. I've been perfect since starting Remicade over two years ago. The longer you go between infusions, the higher the chance of building antibodies to it. I wouldn't want to run that risk. Also, I had to wait ten weeks in between once and I started to feel very tired, achy, and just "off" a bit the week leading up to the next infusion.
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