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Imuran and pregnancy

I've just joined this forum and having been reading many posts about peoples experiences and wanted to get some advice on pregnancy and taking Imuran. I've been told from my doctor that if I was trying to conceive I'd need to come off Imuran (have crohn's disease since 2003, currently in remission for past 6 months), just wondering if anyone had any advice on this or have went through any similar situations. My partner and I would like to have a baby soon, just wondering when we could start and the side affects of being on Imuran and getting pregnant. Any help would be great!

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Hi, I am in the same boat as you. I've been mostly flare free for a year now. My gastro doc has told me to continue azathioprine and pentasa during pregnancy. He sent me a letter stating so. He said you need to be well for the baby to absorb nutrients so continue usual dose while pregnant.
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Hi Oates, the answer to the question of Imuran use in pregnancy is a good way to determine if you have a doctor who keeps up to speed with current evidence in the management of Crohn's disease.

Imuran is absolutely safe, stopping Imuran is a bad move as this may cause a flare of your Crohn's, which is one of the worst things for the growing baby.

So Evsmeevey, it sounds like you've probably got a good gastro, unfortunately Oates, I'm not so sure about yours.

Best wishes.
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Thank you so much Aussie! I'm glad you concur!
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I have just started taking Azathioprine (Imuran) and talked extensively with my IBD Pharmacist about Trying to Conceive, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding as once I am in remission we want to try for a baby.

As others have said, she is of the opinion that it is MUCH safer for mother and baby when the mother is taking Azathioprine than to risk a flare during the pregnancy. Obviously it's not ideal to be on medication through a pregnancy, but it's also not ideal to have Crohn's Disease in the first place. But we don't get a choice in that.
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