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Really confused as to what the best method of treatment is...

Hi there!

I was hoping to get some advice from people who have been dealing with Crohn's for a while.

My dad was recently diagnosed with Crohn's. The poor guy suffered for years with no diagnosis. Every couple of months we would take him to the ER due to severe pain, the doctors would give him some morphine and send him home the next day. This last time we refused to leave the hospital without getting some answers. Finally after a full week of testing and waiting he was diagnosed. I feel really guilty that I didn't push sooner so my poor dad didn't suffer for as long as he did.

I am just a bit concerned in terms of his treatment. His doctors have recommended he starts with Imuran or Humira, but looking at the side effects (Cancer! & weaker immune system) and how these medications are sort of a last resort for most, I am concerned the doctors are being a bit too aggressive with his treatment.

Reading through all your experiences and comparing them with what my dad experiences I feel as though his daily symptoms are not as extreme as others. (I am in no way dismissing his symptoms, he just doesn't have any of the daily bathroom problems. According to him "its just minor pain" in his abdomen right after eating.Except every 6-8 months it becomes severe enough that he needs to go to the hospital-which I now know are relapses)

Are there any other medical treatments that you would recommend? Any medicine that you tried that helped but wasn't as aggressive as the ones mentioned above? I've made an appointment with a naturopathic doctor to see what his options are in their opinion. Has anyone had success with naturopathy medicine?

We have also made an appointment to see a dietician. We are slowly starting to figure out what his trigger foods are, but the lack of fibre is really starting to effect him. Are there any suggestions you can make in terms of dealing with the lack of fibre?

I'm sorry for the all the questions. I promise I will continue to do my own research but I think the best information comes from those who know first hand.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I truly will be grateful for any insight you may have.
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Hi there, and welcome,
It does take time to diagnose Crohns and to find the right treatment. It is a very individual illness and responds as such. Crohns is monitored by blood tests which tell the amount of inflammation there is. You cannot always tell yourself if it is going up or not. E.S.R and C.R.P are measured.
I lived for years without any treatment other than Merbeverine for Diverticulitis, wrong diagnosis. When I experienced severe pain and difficulty eating, then I had to go for all those treatments.
Avoiding certain foods that trigger it helps, but diet alone will not keep the Crohns at bay. I avoid creamy ,rich sauces and any heavy wheaten bread.
I wish you luck with your research and hope your dad keeps well. Let me know how you are doing.:

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For fibre you really want to be looking at soluble fibre. Try psyllium husk which many people have found to help.

I'm on imuran and a biological (like humira) and have found it to have totally changed my life for the better. Reading up on the cancer stuff I found that it's more likely to get cancer with untreated crohns than on the drugs. There has also been a study to show that they didn't find any increase in the risk of getting cancer
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Current thinking is that aggressive treatment is better from the start, getting your Dad into remission sooner. Have to balance inflammation, etc against possible side effects of the drugs. My advice is to ask the doc lots of questions about why s/he wants to start there and what other treatments might be appropriate. Also, like you said, to do your own research so you have an idea of the options. The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada and the American one have lots of good info on their sites. Lots of good stuff here, too!
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Don,t you just love the leaflets with your meds!they just put your mind at rest.just remember you,ll get lots of bloods done,regularly,and these really strong meds are to knock it into remission then get switched to maintenance meds longterm.all the best good luck
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Soluble fiber is much better then insoluble ( which can aggravate symptoms). He may have food intolerances that need to be addressed. If you have the money, Enterolab has the most accurate stool test for IgA antibody levels. Google them. Gluten, dairy, soy, and Eggs are the biggest offenders, but we are all different.

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