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So i'm going in for my follow up appt next week since the colonoscopy. Right after the colonoscopy my doctor said it looked normal, biopsies also normal. However i'm still having problems with constipation. I also have been getting HORRIBLE stomache pains. It first started last week after I ate and it was honestly the worse stomache pains I have ever felt I was literally in tears. It makes me think that something is wrong.. I have also been having horrible heart burn but its in my throat and takes hours to go away even if I take pepto. Can someone who had a normal colonoscopy still have problems somewhere else?
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Basically,yes the camera doesn't,t go all way,get back to your doctor tell him about your acid reflux over the counter stuff won,t put out the fire!and it can cause long term damage untreated I,m on lanzoprazole 2 day works a treat in the early days acid reflux was making me breathless thought I was having heart trouble very unpleasant.if you can mash and eat some banana it,ll help until you see your dr.constipation wise try to up your fluid uptake when your on the throne if nothing's happening don,t strain and a tip from my gi nurse,when on the throne rest your feet on a couple of books,it makes a better angle seemingly,but get to the doctor ASAP.all the best good luck
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I have a small step stool, one that you use for kids when potty training, and it works awesome

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