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Help and advice needed please

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Basically over the last few weeks I've been questioning if I am properly flaring but I think it's fair to say I am now. I've gone from being really constipated which movicol quickly sorted out (again) to having D 10+ times per day(when I wipe I'm passing red blood / mucus mixed in) along with little food intake and vomitting. I feel really bad and have really bad cramps / pain upper abdo, I am currently on humira and pentasa, can't take pred or aza. For pain I've been having paracetamol, gave up on tramadol as I think that was partly to blame for backing me up. Any suggestions what I can do to ease this? The thought of going to hospital scares me too much.....
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Hi, snowiezip!

I'm sorry to tell you, but going to the hospital is really your best bet. You need treatment to make sure things don't get any worse. If you would prefer, try calling your GI first and see if they could see you in their office instead of going to the hospital.

I hope things get better soon!

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Usually GI doctors have an emergency line you can call. You tell them your symptoms and ask what you should do. They contact the doctor on call and call you back with what the doctor suggested. If you can't even hold down fluids or if you're passing a lot of blood, then please go to the hospital, you may be dealing with a blockage.

You made this post earlier in the day, how are you feeling now snowiezip?
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