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My GI could have killed me...

My GI could have killed me the other day, I had been in the hospital for a few days because of stomach issues, she originally told me I had a perforation and was wrong. The past few weeks she has been trying to give me iron infusions... but I also have Beta thalassemia minor, which means I don't need any kind of iron because it would do more harm than good. My hematologist even told her not to give me iron infusions, but she did it anyway. So about half-way through this iron infusion I started going into anaphylactic shock. My feet started to sting and tingle, and then started swelling up like balloons. My heart started racing, I started profusely sweating. And this entire time I'm laying on the "call nurse" button but no one was coming. By the time someone did my blood pressure was sky rocketing my temperature was rising and I started vomiting uncontrollably. Then I started actually pooping myself uncontrollably too, I felt like I couldn't breath. But the doctor/ response for this all were all so slow. I was so so sick. I'm just so mad because this is the second time my GI messes up big time this week. I am almost 99% positive now that I would like to change doctors because this is all totally unprofessional and uncalled for. Word to the wise, if you have Crohn's and thalassemia minor, DO NOT let your GI try to give you iron infusions.
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Glad you pulled through this, and lucky for you you knew about your other condition. Anyone with crohn's should be really aware of what is good and what isn't for them - get educated! I would agree that a referral to another GI would be in order here, along with possibly notification of the doctor to some professional standards council. While they may be just genuine mistakes, this doc could also be a serious lawsuit waiting to happen.
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I am confused. If you told your GI NOT to give you iron infusions and he still did, that is law suit right there! No doctor can EVER give you any medication or anything unless you give the say so... And especially if you have given strict orders NOT to give you iron.. I would fire this GI immediately. You could have died. I mean that is as careless as giving someone penicillin when their chart says they are allergic to it!! Bad doctor. I am so sorry you went through this. I know when I was ever in the hospital or ER for any reason, I NEVER let any nurse or doctor give me any medications unless I ok it first...Remember, you pay them to do a job, not the other way around. They offer their suggestions, but when it comes right down to it, you call the shots...

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